Becoming Whole

I feel a sense of accomplishment today.  Not only did I complete my mom’s unfinished quest (to know her origins) but also my dad’s (who acted as though he either didn’t care or was afraid of what he might find – my bets are on the later).

I have sent a limited (only a few that are direct family will receive this) first edition that tells our family’s once lost story.  Now we are found.

Along the way, I learned about more than simply who my original grandparents were but about the issues had may have been a cause of what happened and that have most likely passed down through my family as inherited trauma.

If I died today, at least what I have now learned won’t be lost and indeed it is multiplied and put into a format that it may endure passing down to future generations.

But I am not totally satisfied with what I have created.  I now see two books there – how I found them is one.  The other – the saga of loss and redemption as it has played out within my family.  I am hard at work on what I hope will be a better next edition.  I would love to see it in print in bookstores someday.

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