No Support

I came across a graphic today (clearly of a political nature but I won’t point fingers), the truth is we do not support mothers and children well enough.  I thought adoptees were orphans but most actually do have a natural family from which they were conceived.

It is also true that the financial motivation for a mother to give up her child is two fold – one is that she has no financial or familial support to raise her own child.  The other is that the baby that is in demand is usually white.  Within communities of color, there is generally more support for an unwed or single mother and less demand that she relinquish her baby.

The points in the graphic that I saw this morning run in a continuum.

[1] Restricting access to birth control

[2] Restricting access to abortion

[3] Lack of employer support

[4] Loss of employment due to pregnancy

(I experienced this one in the early 1970s and I was married and working as a sales clerk in the infants department at Sears)

[5] Restricting access to the nutritional supports of WIC and food stamps

[6] General lack of health insurance

[7] Lack of employer or caregiving support during a child’s illness

[8] Denial of unemployment if fired due to having to care for a sick child

[9] Lack of funding for after-school programs to provide a safe place for children until the mother finishes work

[10] Lack of fair pay for equal work

Government run for the wealthiest citizens simply doesn’t care about the poverty experienced within most families in this country.  My guess is they would prefer we go the way of the dinosaurs.

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