What’s A Flood Got To Do With It?


My mom’s father left long before she was born. Why he left and what his intentions were I cannot know at this point.

What I do know is that when my mom was born, a super flood began that heavily impacted both Memphis and the state of Arkansas. My mom and her mother returned to Memphis from Virginia where she was born as the worst of the crisis began to recede.

My grandfather was in Arkansas doing flood recovery work for the WPA. I will always suspect that the flood of 1937 in the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys played a role in my mom ending up adopted. The Great Depression was just one more obstacle in the way of everyone.

So I can only believe that the flood kept my grandfather from answering the inquiry of the Juvenile Court and sent my grandmother into desperation. She fell into a trap because of that and was not able to prevent the tragedy of losing her first born and only child.

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