Unwed Mother

1958 Movie Poster

My mom was only a teenager in high school in 1953 when I made my presence in her womb apparent.  She wasn’t married.  I upended her adoptive parents plans for her – being a debutante, going to college for higher education and marrying someone in the upper class.

I marvel that she wasn’t sent off to a home for unwed mothers to give birth to me and surrender me to adoption.

My dad was also adopted in the first year of his life.  What are the odds that two adoptees would conceive a child out of wedlock and that child would not also be given up for adoption ?  I think it is a minor miracle.

Though adoption was the most normal thing in family creation for my family (and both of my sisters would end up giving up children for adoption as well), somehow I was preserved within my family.

My dad had only just started his university education.  I credit his adoptive parents for supporting and encouraging him to marry my mom, give up his educational prospects and go to work.  However, it would be decades before my mom’s adoptive parents would accept the reality that she had married into poverty instead of wealth.

They died four months apart – after almost sixty years of marriage – still sweethearts.

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