What Does DNA Have To Do With It

My Great Aunt Deborah

In describing the Mystic Aspect in her book The Primal Wound, author Nancy Newton Verrier speaks of the unconscious connection between an adoptee and his or her biological family.

In her book, she shares two stories of adoptees where the naming of some child turns out to be the same as a name chosen by the adoptee for another person.

I was named Deborah, the name of my own father’s original aunt who died at age 3 (she was run over by a car). When my own daughter was very young, a woman I worked with lost her young son the same way. I put the fear into my daughter to protect her until she was old enough not to need such a protection.  Was I unconsciously reacting to some memory in my own DNA ?

My parents named my sister who was born 13 mos after me “Lou” Anne.  My mom’s natural mother’s name was Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lou.  When I found him, her nephew referred to her as Aunt Lou.

BTW, my parents did NOT know any of these names as relevant to their original families because they actually died knowing little to nothing about their own origins.

Obviously, I’m a believer that memory becomes encoded in our very DNA !!

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