Family Preservation

Today, I discovered a whole world of efforts to preserve natural families and reduce the incidence of adoption to those children who truly need a family.

As the child of two adoptees, who barely avoided becoming one myself (my mother conceived me in high school out of wedlock) and as the aunt of my sister’s children given up for adoption, or taken from them by caring grandparents who proceeded to poison the poor child against their own mother and her family, and as someone who lost custody of my own daughter without intending to, simply for economic reasons – I really care about being part of the evolving trend of doing everything humanly possible to keep mothers and their children together.

Today, I discovered and their related efforts.  In googling for images, I found there are many people out there trying keep families intact.

Adoption is a valuable alternative when there isn’t any other.  It should be used sparingly and for all of the right reasons.

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