Simply Grateful

With a deep compassion, sympathy and understanding the best I can for all adoptees and all original parents who lost their children, I have no other choice – unless I would deny my very existence – but to be grateful for all that happened.

But for Georgia Tann exploiting my grandmother – for who knows NOW why her husband abandoned her 4 mos pregnant and did not reply to the Juvenile Court regarding his obligations to her and my mom ? – and due to her falling into a trap laid by her own survival desperation (not intending to lose custody of her one and only ever child).  And but for, my dad’s mother ultimately giving in to what was most likely pressure from the Salvation Army to release him to adoption.

But for all of these sorrows and then for the wounds inflicted upon my parents by their separation from mothers who clearly did love them as much as I have loved every child I have born within me, but for – I would not exist.

And because I love life – I am simply grateful – and humbled by the losses that facilitated my birth.

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