Profound and Mystical

Painting by Nazar Haidri

At the time my parents were given up for adoption, not as much was known about how the initial relationship of a child to his mother contributes to a healthy self-esteem.  My parents were each with their mothers for 6 months or longer and that was a good thing.  My mom seemed to me to have less self-confidence than my dad but she had a difficult adoptive mother who I doubt my mom ever felt she lived up to the expectations of that woman.

My niece and nephew who were given up for adoption were taken from their mothers shortly after birth.  I don’t really know what effect that had on them and it is difficult to know which was worse.  I think my parents probably suffered more because they had that time of closeness with their mothers and then suddenly she was gone.  They were pre-verbal.  How to explain that the sun has ceased to shine and won’t be back ?

The success of human beings on this planet has much to do with the ability to adapt to changing conditions.  There is yet much to learn about the cost of having to adapt, regarding the attempt to substitute an unrelated mother for the original natural mother.  I would suspect that at the least there is a wariness about what is happening.

The relationship of a child to their mother is profound and mystical.

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