Equal Citizenship ?

Adoptees are less free than other citizens of the United States.  Most citizens take for granted the right to know who they were born as.  Adoptees have their birth names taken from them to be replaced by the name their adoptive parents want them to have.

Most citizens have their original birth certificates.  Adoptees are given a falsified birth certificate making it appear that their adoptive parents actually gave birth to them.  With some, even the location of their birth is changed to make it more difficult for them to learn about their true origins.

All adoptees endure a form of culture clash – for some more extreme than for others.  Some adoptees are affected by ethnic, socioeconomic or regional differences than what they would have experienced if they had remained in the families they were born into.

Our society is adoption-focused.  It is NOT adoptee focused.  In other words – the focus is on the people who want children instead of on the children themselves.

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