An Embarrassment Of Riches

It has become a bit complicated.  And it is a mouth full to try and delineate family adding “adoptive” in front.

I have 8 grandparents.  4 – I never knew for over 60 years but at least I know WHO they were now and have aunts, uncles and cousins to become acquainted with.

4 of my grandparents were influential in my life – especially the grandmothers.  It would take a book to describe all of the ways that they mattered.  We were blessed to grow up in the same city with them and so had lots of opportunities for physical interactions.

I have aunts and cousins thanks to adoption with whom I have life experiences – including shared experiences with the adoptive grandparents.  For most of them, the relationship may have been at least partially a direct genetic link.

I love them all.  And I have to be grateful because if what happened to my parents had not happened, I would not be here today telling you my tales.

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