Sad And Heartbreaking

I find myself in such an awkward position.  I have come to see that adoption is not the happy, rosy picture the industry wishes to paint because it is so lucrative.  Even so, but for adoption, I would not even exist.  What a quandary.

So to get real – adoption is never about the child who becomes an adoptee.  This is the reality.  As difficult as it may be to accept and understand.

Certainly, I am anti unethical adoption.  My mom’s adoption was unethical.  My maternal grandmother was pressured and exploited in a difficult situation that to her unending sorrow resulted in losing the baby girl she fought so hard to keep.  It wasn’t her fault.  She was a victim of Georgia Tann who was a master at the art of separating mothers from their children.

Even though my existence is decidedly an effect of two adoptions (both of my parents were), that does not mean that I cannot see the problems with adoption – especially for the child who is forever wounded in a deep place and may not even know what the actual source of their emotional pain is.

So, it is not positive or beautiful to take another women’s child.  Period.  There has to be a better way and that is to provide for a family to remain intact.

And there is also the issue of the father.  Yes, some are unconcerned about the child they helped to create.  It may also be true that others that never get a chance.  I believe my dad’s father never even knew he existed.  Since he was married, my dad’s mother probably simply never told him and handled it herself.  My dad was so much like his father that I believe they would have been great friends.  It wasn’t her plan initially to give my dad away, though at 8 months, she let him go for adoption.

Everything about the act of adoption is sad and heartbreaking – for the adoptee certainly – but I also believe for the natural, original parents as well.

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