The Truth Matters

It surprises me that in this time of connectivity telling the truth isn’t simply understood to be the only option.  Today, I was reading about a very complicated situation.  So, the woman was a single mom who worked multiple jobs most of her adult life.  She gave birth to a son at age 18 and he is now 11.  Happily, she is now married to a wonderful man who is a high school teacher.  Simple and common enough.

Here’s where it gets complicated.  She is now sharing custody of her best friend’s child with the child’s mother, while the mom sorts out some things going on in her life.  Her friend is pushing this woman to adopt her son but to her credit, this woman isn’t certain that is what the woman really wants.  So they agreed on a temporary custody situation with generous visitation for twelve months.  The plan is to revisit the situation then.  The little boy will be one year old in two weeks.

Another complication is that due to the Coronavirus, the woman is currently quarantined.  Therefore, the little boy is in the custody of his mom at the moment.  That could be a good thing.

From there, the situation becomes even more unusual. There is yet another child in her life.  He is two months old, and the youngest. She has had custody of him since he was born and the couple is in process of adopting him.

However – his original parents live with her.  They have unrestricted access to the boy and can see him whenever they want. They are for some reason very clear that they just don’t want to be his parents.  To that end, they also want her to pretend that she birthed him.  Again, to her credit, she isn’t okay with this. The parents do want to remain in his life as family.  They don’t want her to tell him they are his parents.

It is the reality that secrets rarely remain secret.  They have this nasty tendency to out themselves at some point.  Every adoptee will tell you one of the worst things about adoption is being expected to live a lie.  To not know who your parents are or important details about your life.  To have your name and birth certificate changed.

I would have thought society was moving beyond that but apparently not.

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