My Little Miracle

Not my children, my own little miracle.  My mom and dad met at a high school party.  She went to the party with someone else and left with him.  They went to the same high school but he was two years ahead of her and graduated.  After high school, he left El Paso Texas to go to a university one hour away in Las Cruces New Mexico.  Somehow on some visit, they did what teenagers are want to do . . .

So it was that my teenage 16 yr old high school student mother became pregnant with me.  Doesn’t sound all that miraculous, does it ?  It isn’t.  Happens all the time.  What was miraculous is what happened next.

Both of my parents were adopted, so adoption was quite an acceptable practice in each of their adoptive homes.  How was it then, that my mom was not sent off to have and give me up for adoption ?  I’m certain her banker father and socialite mother would have preferred that.  I’m certain their dreams of her becoming a debutante were dashed.  It was quite the custom in the mid 1950s.

It was only recently as I learned their adoption stories that I came to see the miracle of my own life.  I believe it was my dad’s adoptive parents that encouraged him to do what his ethics and heart were probably inclined to do anyway – marry the girl, give up a college diploma and go to work.

They stayed married til my mom’s death did them part and my heartbroken dad only lasted 4 months without her.  A true love story and one I am grateful turned out the way it did.  Today is my 66th birthday.

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