Humanity’s Messed Up Attitudes

It often boggles my mind – how messed up humanity is when it comes to sex.  It is a global sickness.  When sex is part of a truly loving relationship, it is simply a human reality and need for connection.  That is not what it always is.  Case in point – catholic priests.  Perverse sexuality was also a part of the story in the book Foster Girl by Georgette Todd that I recently reviewed here.

Now to my awareness today comes yet another case and this one involves child pornography, sex with children and foster care all in one.  My heart almost cannot bear up under this but the story is all too real and I fear way more common than it should be.  The news came out related to two arrests.

One was a young soldier and one was an older man who was a former foster parent.  According to statements by the young soldier, he would meet with the older man for consensual sex.  The solider revealed under interrogation that the two discussed engaging in sexual activity with children.  He then claimed that the older man once sent a very young child into the bathroom where the solider was for the purpose of allowing the soldier to have sexual contact with the child.

The arrests came when Homeland Security Investigations found a user of a smartphone communication application posting sexually explicit material featuring children.  Use of cellphone applications and other Internet-based technology by criminals to exchange child pornography is not uncommon.  The older man was a certified foster parent in Arizona from 2002 until January 2015 when his license was suspended.  The reason is protected by confidentiality laws.

It is just too much – all of these details – for my own heart to bear.


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