A Willing Helper

I had not thought of Little Orphan Annie in a very long time.  I did know that there was a Broadway musical created around the character.  As a schoolgirl, I read the comic in our daily local newspaper.

Also growing up, I thought my parents were orphans because they were adopted.  I don’t know what they thought growing up about why they had been adopted.  But my parents were not orphans.  Unknown to me and maybe unknown to them (though my mom did know that she had some family once she was well into adulthood), there were people out there, living ordinary lives, as unaware of me as I was of them.  Only they were actually my true genetic relatives.

Many foster parents and some adoptive parents who adopt an older child come to think of them as the help.  Willing or not, they are put to work to ease the burdens of those providing for them.

Short on time today, so until tomorrow, these are just a few thoughts that came up as I was reminded of that cartoon I used to read long ago.  I’ve not seen the Broadway musical, only aware of it and mostly of the song Tomorrow.



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