3 thoughts on “Trauma And Polyvagal Theory

  1. One thing that’s been interesting has been how we can do things (like emotional eating) when we are in flight mode. We’re in sympathetic mode, so we’re often not able to access the wisdom of the ventril vagal system and we grab the cookie or ice cream because of our biology. We keep trying to control our eating, but this shows that what can be the more helpful thing is returning to ventril vagal. In that state we’re not being controlled by our nervous system and can make better decisions.

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    1. This so talks to me, Kathy. I’ve discovered that stress can cause me to abandon good sense in a fit of despair. I was aware of the vagus nerve from some years ago but it didn’t really capture my attention at the time. However, having learned how much incredible trauma is associated with adoption, this theoretical and targeted approach that I found illustrated by that diagram just fit perfectly with what I have learned in the last 3 years. I do “try” to make better decisions but some days it seems I want to be mean to myself and prove my unworthiness ? I don’t know. But it can be a struggle sometimes, for certain. Thanks for the inspiration and the comment.

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