All I Want For Christmas

Joseph and Kara Rodriguez have had the same Christmas wish for almost a decade, they have wished for a son or daughter to complete their family.

When the couple got married in 2012, they said they knew that they wanted kids, but after several years of trying and many medical challenges, they were told it would not be biologically possible.

“We had several medical procedures to make it happen, but it didn’t, we in the process lost five babies,” said Kara Rodriguez.

They said they have spent almost ten years wanting the one gift that can not be found in a store.

“When you want something like that, when you want a family, there is nothing in a box that will ever be good enough,” Mrs. Rodriguez said.

Three years ago they decided it was time to start the adoption process. According to the couple, they had no clue it would be so emotional or difficult, but say they are stronger because of this process.

In 2018, their adoption agency called them to say they had a baby for them. This is when they met Norah and became her guardians.

For the past two and a half years they have been going through the process of legally adopting her, but it has not been easy. The parents-to-be said it has been an uphill battle up until Friday when they were able to finalize the adoption once and for all.

With family and friends present, the family of three virtually stood before a judge to finalize the adoption. Within just minutes, Norah officially became a Rodriguez.

“This will be our third Christmas with her but it’s our first Christmas with our daughter,” Mrs. Rodriguez said.

The couple said that when they woke up on Friday morning, they could feel a weight being taken off their shoulders now that the long road of adoption had come to an end. Mr. Rodriguez said she has been their daughter since day one in their hearts, but now that she is theirs on paper they are ready to shout it from the rooftops.

“We can post a thousand pictures, and buy her all the gifts she wants because she’s not going anywhere, she is a Rodriguez she is our daughter,” Mr. Rodriguez said.

This couple wants people to know that even though their adoption process was long, it was more than worth it, and recommends everyone who has been considering it to go ahead and take that leap.

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