Fair Responsibility

The way things are going, it seems like this idea would be fair, if at least this was the law of the land. My mom’s mother lost her when she was exploited by Georgia Tann, because my mom’s father did not take financial responsibility for her life. There is no other perspective I can see as valid. I think he was a good and kind man but why did he abandon them ? That is a question I will never have an answer for.

Though unwed, the married man who impregnated my paternal grandmother did not take any responsibility for his existence either.  I don’t know that the man ever knew he was a father, though my grandmother was clear enough about it to give my dad his father’s middle name and keep a head shot photo of the man with his name and the word “boyfriend” next to a photo of her with my dad on her lap.

People who are pro-life are usually only pro-birth.  They don’t consider either the prolonged gestation, during which a woman may not be able to work, nor the life-long commitment that having a child entails.  Condemning a woman and her children to poverty is not being a supporter of life that has any good qualities beyond love (and of course, love is very important) but that it is okay for them to starve and not have shelter or clothing.

Regardless of the personal hell they will live through, that baby must be born.  The new Jim Crow ?

International Women’s Day

Mothers are essential to the continuation of the species on this planet.  Yes, men are important in that equation too.  Yet, at this time, it is a woman who carries the baby inside her womb (extraordinary stories not withstanding).

So on this International Women’s Day, I want to honor all of the mothers who carried a child in their womb and give a big hug of understanding to those who found them separated from the most precious of their life’s creations.

It may be that to many people motherhood doesn’t feel like it is making much of a contribution to civilization because it is – well – all so common.  We were all born of a woman, who was the mother of our physical body.

Mothers change diapers, kiss away boo-boos, will often drop whatever is their primary interest at the moment, to attend to whatever their child believes they need.  The child always believes their need is more important than ours and maybe they have a point because children tend to grow up VERY FAST.

Being a mother is something that any other mother can understand, even if her life is very different from our own.  There are a million minor things that being a mother demands of us and mostly they seem unremarkable on the surface of things.  But they are crucial.

So here’s to you – whether you are a mother or not.  As a woman, you had a mother and a grandmother.  Today, women have a choice about whether to carry a child in their womb – or not.  I think it is best that EVERY CHILD be wanted and that every child is able to be cared for by that woman who carried the child in her womb.

We’re not there yet but maybe someday soon . . .