Did The Child Need Another Home ?

It’s the end of the month of August.  I didn’t know there was such a thing as “Child Support Awareness” but it is probably the most crucial issue in whether a child is raised by the couple who conceived them or adopted by people who have no genetic relationship to them.

Adoption has primarily served couples afflicted by infertility who have the financial ability to “buy” a child to fill their need.  One can argue the semantics but that is what it comes down to.

What are the other situations in life where we cannot have something, so we feel entitled to take something belonging to someone else ? In the case of adoption, that something is a human infant.

If it were a car in a parking lot, it would absolutely be considered stealing to feel an entitlement to take it because one couldn’t obtain one any other way.

People who adopt want to feel good about adopting someone else’s baby. They justify this by saying things like “the child needed a home ANYWAY… they were giving the child away regardless …. someone else would have adopted if not me….”.

What if, instead of selling the baby of a struggling parent to wealthier people, society decided to support the parents in keeping and raising the child ?  Many of the emotional and traumatic impacts of adoption would cease to exist.  Adoption is a process in serious need of reforms.