No Substitute

Bonding is not easily achieved (except with the natural mother).
The bond with the mother instills in the child a sense of
well-being and wholeness and is necessary to the healthy
emotional development of the child.

There is just a knowing in the natural mother (due to preparation
during gestation) about what the baby needs.

It isn’t just a matter of knowing how to care for a baby, but what
this particular baby needs at this particular time.

~ The Primal Wound by Nancy Newton Verrier

Though it may not have been abundantly clear to the general population – over the last year or so I’ve become convinced that those who believe there is no real substitute for the natural mother in any child’s life are correct.

Yes, there are times when a mother is so wounded herself, the child’s well-being is also in danger and that child must be protected by removal.

However, it is also true that as a society we do not try hard enough to support – financially and physically/mentally/emotionally – a struggling mother.  The simple solution to allow someone else more financially stable and married to parent another woman’s child is not actually the best for the child’s welfare.

We can do better than that – it only takes the will and the understanding – that how we support these vulnerable persons will pay off in a healthier population overall.  There are many today working actively to educate and promote that alternative – keeping mothers and children together.