Preventable Separations

Within the community of adopted persons, there seems to be a consensus that separations of children from their original mothers could be prevented with the right encouragement and financial support.  A group I belong to actively seeks to encourage single mothers to at least make the attempt before giving in to surrendering their children for adoption.

A valid question is whether, in being separated from the mother, the child is deprived of something that society cannot replace – even with the best care it can provide.  I have been convinced that this separation results in a wound in the child, and also in the mother, that never entirely heals, even if it has been unconsciously buried within that person.

This most important consideration may outweigh all others in my own opinion. To avoid causing the wound to begin with, seems to my mind, to be more important than convenient “solutions” to a perceived lack of parenting skills or inadequate financial support.

It is a growing belief that separation might be prevented – if we as a society cared enough to do that.  Separating mothers from their children for profit-driven reasons is not in the best interests of the child, nor of the mother.

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