Mother Of Us All

During my own spiritual evolution, at some point I came to understand that the planet herself, Gaia/Earth, was my primary mother.  When I’m in nature, truly I feel a unity with all – the trees, the animals, the birds, the stones, the water.

Today is Earth Day, first celebrated in 1970. Next year, will be the 50th anniversary of the effort to create awareness that there is no Planet B.

I think of the Earth as my primary mother because though I gestated within a human mother, all of the ingredients that make up my body come from the planet.  The air that my lungs breathe is refreshed and recharged and circulated by the activities of the planet.  When I die, I will be buried in the ground on the farm that I live at in Missouri.  A full cycle of existence and all of that dependent on a planet capable of sustaining my life.

Human beings have taken this ability of the Earth to sustain us for granted since the beginning of our existence.  The Earth is not endangered – we are.  Our ability to have a continued existence on this planet is threatened by the pollution, resource extraction and climate change taking place on the planet, a cumulative effect of our presence here.

Do what you can, where you are – to leave behind when you go – a planet capable of sustaining your grandchildren.

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