The Reality

One can hope the process continues to improve, though it has a long way to go.

The surrender of children by unmarried mothers was accepted by state and federal governments, by adoption agencies, by society, and by the parents of unmarried mothers.  Society BELIEVED that the rights of unmarried mothers had been fully enforced and protected.

In many cases, they were not.

Some might still like to believe that these mothers were offered “choices”.  That they were offered “information”.  That they were offered help and support.

Often they were not.

MANY were not offered the choice to parent their own child.

Many were only offered the option of surrender.

Those who make money from infant adoption did not want society to know the truth about coercion.  It has been a multi-billion dollar industry profiting on the removal of babies from young, unprotected, unsupported, vulnerable, often minor, unmarried mothers.

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