Only A Minor Request

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I find the perspectives shared by this story so very sad and so, I share it as well.

I’m a support worker in a specialized care home. The company I work for takes on kids with high needs and challenging behaviors. My job is basically to support the kids that I work with in any and all aspects of their lives from personal care to playing (and anything in between). We just recently had 2 kids placed back in our care after reunification almost 4 weeks ago (not their fault and not their mom’s fault). The youngest who’s 8 is a non-verbal autism spectrum disorder (ASD) child who requires constant supervision. She also requires sensory stimulation!! I absolutely love the company I work for but holy fuck!!!! I’m about to go bat shit crazy advocating to get this little girl the things she needs to self regulate!! The unit she’s in has a massive basement that could very easily be set up with sensory activities and stuff that she 100 percent requires to function in her daily life, yet the company I work for and the agency have both said they don’t want to waste money on something for a child that might only be here for 3 or 4 months!! I’m sorry what??? When did it be come a waste to see a child thrive, even if it’s only for 3 or 4 months? We constantly deal with ASD kids, why would a massive sensory room go to waste?? Why do these kids have to suffer, in order to get their needs met? It irritates the hell out of me that kids in care get shit on unless their placement becomes permanent!! And all I asked this company to do for this little girl was get her a little indoor trampoline and a ball pit!!! Her mom said that’s where she hangs out at home!!

PS – we find out next week how long these kids are with us and I’m so hoping it isn’t for months!!

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