A Good Life

Even though I have learned so much about the impacts and issues associated with adoption since I learned the truth related to each of my parents’ adoptions (both of my parents were), I also understand that they did have a good life.

Did my mom yearn for a reunion with her original mother ?  Absolutely.

Did my dad seem to accept his adoption ?  Maybe that was because a baby stealing and selling scandal wasn’t part of it – the Salvation Army was.

My mom’s adoptive parents were well to do (a banker and a socialite) and she definitely had the kinds of advantages that Georgia Tann claimed she was seeking with all of her placements of children born into poverty and bought by wealthy infertile couples.  Thanks to my adoptive grandmother, my mom got a college degree in music composition of which she was justifiably proud, having worked hard for that result.

My dad’s adoptive parents were entrepreneurial and humble.  They had a small acreage (only half an acre) out at the edges of El Paso Texas where as children we wandered the irrigation ditches and picked cotton for fun out in the fields.  Little did I know at the time that it was in my genes for my mom’s original parents were sharecroppers and cotton pickers.

I know in my gut even if I don’t have any real proof that it was my dad’s adoptive parents that kept me in the family so that after my parents’ deaths, I could make us whole again, by discovering the roots we came from.

I too had a “good” life.


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