It Just Isn’t True

We really should congratulate people who have enough self-awareness to make an intentional choice not to have children.

A woman posted in a Facebook group that she is indifferent whether she and her husband ever have kids but she is feeling pressure by family (this is not all that uncommon). Someone in the group advised her to foster so she can “try parenting out and see if she likes it”.  It saddens me that foster kids and adoptees could ever be considered a parenting experiment or an afterthought.

The world actually has enough people.  It is time for society to move away from the idea that a married couple must have kids.  It is an outmoded idea that has been instilled for generations.  It is time to rethink that.

How many children does the human race really need to keep humanity going.  How many are sustainable ?  Isn’t it better that every child is wanted, loved and financially supported ?  Truth is every woman does not have to give birth to children.  As in life, parenting people come in all shapes and sizes.

Some people have children because that’s what they’ve been told they are supposed to do.  This needs to change beginning with the current generation of parents.

Some people have children because they had unprotected sex (and protected sex isn’t 100% effective either) and find themselves having conceived a child.  Okay, so it does happen.  Let us then consider it as something to deal with – whether by elimination or by supporting the woman in a crisis pregnancy to keep and raise her child.  It is the woman’s body and what she does about this situation should always be a decision to be made between her and her doctor.  This is a bottom line value for my own self.  If she does want to raise her child, then society needs to accept that for the well-being of the child, financial resources should be generously supplied – one way or another.

Some people have children because they truly want to be parents. You could say that this yearning is a real need for these kinds of people.  If they can conceive, they are on their way.  Medical science is also able to make miracles happen.  If it is a true desire, then by all means, have children.

Some people do not want children.  Do not harass them about what is honestly their personal decision to make.

There are plenty of other variations, I’m sure there are, that I haven’t thought of in today’s rush.  There is nothing selfish about any of these scenarios. Selfish people can and do have children all the time.

I would hope that no matter your reason for having a child – educate yourself going in, so that you can be a good and decent parent, one who loves their child and doesn’t see them as an unwanted burden or interference with whatever else you would rather be doing.

And is happening to me too often these days, short on time – and so a short one for today.

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