It’s a sad story for a family that was trying to adopt a sibling for their son.  The woman who pretended to be pregnant can’t even explain it.

I once had a similar experience but it wasn’t related to any effort to adopt.  I was living in St Louis and I had a brother and sister as roommates.  Both the brother and I were working but the sister wasn’t.  She faked a pregnancy with us in order to have us support her with no contribution from her.

I have to wonder why any woman would attempt such a deception.  Pregnancy is a finite period and when the belly doesn’t grow like it ought to, something isn’t right.  Eventually, the truth outs itself.

I can only suggest this is a kind of mental illness in some women.  Maybe it is opportunistic.  Maybe it is also some of what isn’t right in adoptionland.

I really like what the son said after the truth came out – “I like our family the way it is.”

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