Making Lemonade

So the worst has already happened and circumstances, situations, etc have separated a mother and her child.  Now what ?

Family reunification recognizes a shared genetic connection and shared family history.

Though I spent over 60 years in total ignorance of my family’s true origins and heritage, learning about it now has made all of the difference in my sense of wholeness.

It may be that some children will be better supported by “substitute” parents than their original parents are able to accomplish.  I will not deny that.  But for, I would not even exist.  That is a fact I can’t get around and so even though I’ve become very informed about the effects and impacts of adoption on any adoptee, I still know that it is the reality within my family and the outcomes have thankfully been good for each of those children who ended up with adoptive parents.

I now have aunts and cousins who share that genetic connection with me.  While I can’t ever know the family history first hand, these have been able to share with me details of family characteristics over time.  It is better than having nothing.

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