An Adoption Plan Gone Wrong

I recently read about this situation –

I fought tooth and nail to get my daughter’s original birth certificate. It finally came. I was horrified when I looked at it. Her first dad isn’t listed at all. Her name is stated as “*** [mom’s last name]”

I watched her first mom fill out the birth certificate form (pre signing… I now understand there are so many issues about my presence there to begin with and I’m hoping the silver lining is that I did at least get to see, on behalf of my daughter, that she completed this form and what exactly she wrote). This birth certificate is not representative of what first mom named her! And she gave her her first dad’s last name and listed him as the father.

What on earth happened?! Did the hospital know she was making an adoption plan and just ignored the form? Did the terrible social worker at the hospital drop the ball?! How could this be legal? She has a name… her mom gave her one! What will she think when she’s older? Obviously we will explain that this BC is a huge problem and we will be giving her all of the information that would have been on it (her full name with original last name and first dad’s full name and date of birth).

I just wanted to be sure no one withheld that that piece of her life and that she could hold it in her hands… and I feel like she was cheated out of a complete record. I’m angry on her behalf now and I’m angry on behalf of her future child/preteen/teen/adult selfs who will have to process this.

Birth mothers and adoption buyers beware !!

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