Finding Joy

Recently, a comment on this blog brought me into connection with an adoptee that blogs. Here is a link to her blog with a lot about what being an adoptee is like and other stuff as well. Finding Joy ……….. after Relinquishment (aka as adoption).

There is not one kind of adoptee but there are many emotions and feelings in common among them. I smile when she describes what her husband says being married to an adoptee is like – hugging a cactus – but then I grew up in the desert and I am fond of cactus plants.

She writes this 60 yr old adoptee is using this blog in an effort to work out who she is. She adds, “Many posts will be a response to something I have encountered that day, that has triggered me, and I am reflecting on it. I do not want to sound a victim, but this simple act by my Mother, at birth, has affected my whole life, and my relationship with people. So my aim and hope is to be able to share with my fellow adoptees, as well as those that chose to adopt, or those of you who work in this field, some insight into how we adoptees see the world.”

I am not an adoptee but the child of two adoptees who has learned a lot about all things related to adoption, spilling over into foster care and leaning into family preservation. I like to share adoptee and former foster youth’s book writing efforts since I am a writer and since I am a blogger I like to share the same effort utilizing the written word by adoptees who write a blog.

I have found Joy (yes, that is her name) to be a kind, gentle and thoughtful person. En-joy. Pun intended.

5 thoughts on “Finding Joy

  1. Thank you so much. This is awesome and thank you so much for writing this post and linking back to me. Very much appreciated. Blessings and Joy. Joy PS Need to go and edit that About page. I turned 60 on 5th Jan 😉


    1. I wanted to do this yesterday but I had a complicated day and didn’t get any of my usual things done. It happens. Wow !! you are 60 ? I will turn 67 this year. I did not realize we were that close in age. I will edit what I wrote as to your age also. I look forward to reading your blogs often !! Wishing you always, only the best and happy to have met you here.


      1. Thank you for the encouragement. I am hoping to actually get and write my story in a book some time soon, and was using the blog to get into a routine of writing daily, but the more I blog and meet people like you, the more I want to blog. Happy to have met you here too.
        Blessings, Joy


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